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Wierd bugs

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I played openrct for a while now and discovered two strange bugs.

1. i can't delete a track piece of a rollercoaster, if i delete it the game crashes instantly.

( ERROR[src\ride\track.c:1587 (track_remove)]: Track map element not found! )

2. some signs are "linked" to another, if i delete one of them the game crashes instantly, too. (no real error message just a report file)

Does someone know how to fix them?



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Would you take screen prints of both issues and post them. It would help to look at both things to better help you.

First of all I am assuming that this was a park that you didn't build and are wanting to modify.

For #1, are you trying to modify the ride or just demolish the entire ride? If you are trying to delete a portion of the coaster please remove everything leading up to the section causing the crash.

For #2, are the signs next to each other or scattered thru out the park?

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@primebro Most devs are on GitHub and bugs/crashes should be reported there, link to the site: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/new

If the game hard crashes, it should provide something called 'dump files' with the extension .dump - One example of it is '778e2b8c-01e2-457a-9f4a-12960911e42a(bb07785).dmp' which is the best tools to figure out what went wrong, did it create any dump files? (A window should prompt up telling you where to find it etc)

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@CharlieP No, I build the Park myself when i was young and now i modify it. I don't remember what the bug caused though.

1. http://imgur.com/a/mRSIt

i can't delete the track piece by hand, only when i delete the whole coaster, the game crashes.

2. all signs are scattered through the park. They all "seem" to be the same sign, when i delete one, the game doesn't crash immediatly, only when i scroll over one of the others that are up. (kinda strange)

could it have a connection to the item limitation of signs? Because the park is huge and has many signs.

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Something to try for #2. Open the console and type "fix_banner_count". This fixes many sign/banner problems.

So you can delete the entire coaster ok but not the highlighted piece correct?

Have you tried saving the coaster then bringing it up with the Roller Coaster Designer and see if the problem still exists?

Could you post the park? I am not an expert but I would like to see if it does the same for me.

@Nubbie is correct, if it was something major it would create 2 files found in your OpenRCT2 folder. Sometimes when the game just crashes you don't get a dump file notification. The files are easily identified because the will both have that days' date.

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