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Idea: Real days instead of open all time

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Hi, first I have to say, I already love OpenRCT2 and I am impressed what you have realized already! I've got a suggestion for a feature, which is missing in every amusement park game yet. 
I think it would be great to have a management game mode, where you have to manage the park during operation. So the time doesn't pass so quickly, every day takes time (10 minutes or something like that). The park opens in the morning (for example 9am), the visitors come and the park gets fuller and at the evening (for example 6pm) all the visitors go home. When the visitors are in the park, they want to drive the attractions, how it is at the moment already. 
The player can decide how many trains should be driving. So for example at 9am, one train will probably be enough for the most coasters, but as more people come in, you will need more trains to achieve short waiting times. When there are more visitors you can extend the queue, so everyone has place to wait there. But you also have to think about the costs, if you use more trains and more staff to improve the waiting times, it will cost more money. The player would have to manage the whole park, find a good balance between expenses and visitor happyness. If you earn enough money, you can build a new rollercoaster or attraction to attract more visitors. 

This concept could be extended in many ways, for example you could also add weekends and holidays, so when it is under the week there won't come so many visitors as in the holidays with great weather.
It would be great if you would think about my idea, because something like that isn't available in any videogame yet. And if you already have such a great base structure as OpenRCT2, it would be much easier  to add such a feature, than programming a new game for that.
Thank you for reading :)

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That's one great idea, just I wonder can it be applied to a 14 years old and counting game.

RCT3 uses time technique but the date keep advancing without taking account for the time.

But if one day takes 10 minutes, how will " how many trains should be driving " at different times can be applied for long enough effect?

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From what I understand, we can't see the actual time during game play (10:00), this basically means that closing might be skipped completely.

And personally, I theorize that the park would 'close' for the night, and all the guests would go to nearby hotels or something, and the next day resume what they were doing before closure.

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