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not able to start my own room

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I have never been able to start my own room/server. My internet is xfinity hotspot, which i log into through a web browser, i have no modem or router of my own, and i am probably "piggybacking" off of someone else's equiptment which i have no access to. I have tried turning my firewall off completely and making up random 5 digit numbers for a port, but these things do not work. Is it even possible for me to host my own server while using this "hot spot" internet??? By the way i have read about "opening ports" and i either don't understand how to do this or i need access to my router which i have non of.

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You need to have your own router in order to forward your port. You could rent a game router, but a normal router would work just as well. I suggest you consider changing your internet plan to something that gives you your own router and equipment if you want to host servers.

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