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Rooting out Multiplayer Connectivity Issues

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I've been hosting servers on and off in order to dissect exactly what makes it so difficult for users to connect to not just my park, but other servers in general (I.E "No Data"/ "Disconnected" upon immediately joining your server). I created this topic in hopes that maybe more light can be shed on these issues for future patches. I personally update the game daily with the latest Developer Version. Please feel free to contribute any causes of user connectivity issues.

-Custom rides. By this I mean rides not in the Vanilla RCT2. Having these available to build creates one hoop for users to jump through. They must have the data files to connect to your park. 

-Custom Scenery. Same as stated above. Users must have the right data files.

-Custom Paths. Same as stated above. Users must have the right data files.

-A good/bad host. I for one, am not that good a host due to the negligence that Time Warner pays to its customers. 


Though it takes away from the custom aspect of OpenRCT2, Recommend sticking to the Vanilla RCT2 Rides/Objects until more stable builds are created and downloaded by all to sustain a playable server. I think I can conclude that any servers with even a minimal amount of custom objects/rides, will experience high ping with any connected users (Depending on location of course) or user connection will drop completely.



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Updating the object cache on the client side takes multiple seconds and has to be done every time a new (group of) objects is added. There's no difference between custom paths, rides and scenery, nor does changing the amount of new objects have any noticeable effect on the time it takes.

When all clients have a high ping or just drop out, is that when a new player tries to join? Saving and sending the game to a new client shortly pauses the game.

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