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Hello everyone,long-time RCT player here. I've tested only wee bits of OpenRCT2 and you already got a very intrigued fan :) The last time I saw a link to a project called like this, it was nothing but small bits of bare code. Now look at you!I'm especially (positively!) surprised by the fact you're coding all of this in regular C, a language I started coding with (at Uni), so I can't wait to take a more detailed peek some time, maybe code a little teensy tiny eye candy ;)I really love how you're also bringing in some RCT1 stuff, and since I favour RCT1 over RCT2 in most aspects, I find this absolutely amazing and a sign how OpenRCT2 will just ooze of awesomeness and quality from start to finish, especially when it catches on.I'll be sniffing around, looking forward to... well, everything :)Greetings from Croatia!

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