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Update to include merry-go round music in all rides and merry go round to have all music

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Enjoying this mod a lot from this childhood game of mine. Something I've been hoping for a while is a way where the merry go round music (fairground-organ style) to be added to all rides; Like to mention also the merry go round should have all music selections like all of the other rides. Whether the second idea may mess up the control failure breakdown or not, this could be a minor, but great addition to the final product to the mod.

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The only reason it's not included with the rest in vanilla is because Fairground Organ is it's own style, whereas all others are music. There's some differences between them. I think the main difference is that a style picks several .DAT music files to play in a non-specific order in game, while music is simply one piece of music ( and so one .DAT file, if you will). 

Still, it would be nice to allow both styles as well as music for all rides.

I hope this isn't one of those things that can only come once our own file format has been made. That would make it a feature for the far future.

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Fairground Organ Style is actually a randomly generated music based on playing several different classic organ songs.

All other Styles are just singular tunes set to repeat.

I'm not really in favor of this since Fairground Organ is designed to work with just Merry-Go-Rounds and Double Decker Carousels, Whereas all the other styles are just generic songs based on different genres (Which are why "styles" are called "Genres").

Besides, you could just mute the merry-go-round and have music from a nearby ride play instead (Or vice-versa).

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What does randomly generated even mean? It's not classic organ songs being created on-the-go. It's simply several 'unique' .DAT files that are recognized as part of one style that are grouped together and one of them is picked out randomly *in a non-specific order*.  Maybe you didn't understand my post correctly. :P 

It's just that you've said this before and I don't get what I'm saying that's different than what you are saying, lol.

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