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Hi there,today I added a Store button to the header: don't worry, we don't want your money for any downloads! It's just a nice name :p You can find a lot of stuff to expand your OpenRCT2 games with extra scenarios, tracks, rides and more!Downloading is 100% free for logged in users.Any questions regarding the store can be posted to this topic.

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None of the RCTgo users who built the tracks available for download in the store have been credited individually for their designs, nor have they given their permission for their designs to be uploaded to this site, which constitutes as plagiarism. Providing a small link to the source that most people will not click on is not the same as giving credit.Since you made the rules, nothing you are doing is against any of your rules, but it sets a horrible example. If the example you want to set is that stealing the work of others and passing it off as your own is okay on OpenRCT.net, it's your site, and you can make that decision for yourself.When other RCTgo users see that their hard work has been put up for download with their names nowhere to be found, they might not be pleased.

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