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Apex Park,


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Thanks for the feedback, A big reason why it looks so empty is due to the fact I partly never finished it, I've always enjoyed wooden coasters which is why I have a bunch of them but, I believe it or not only have around one of every ride, besides the wooden coasters which I think I have four of in this park? the two rides Vulture the purple and yellow coaster with the S drop. and Techno babble, the pink ride with another S drop are two different types of coasters, different cars and the majority of the track besides the drop.

But I do agree that this is too big, but this park was never meant to be a park like this, it started off as just a project for fun, (which is why it is on a free build map you can tell by the borders of the map that this wasn't built using the normal create your own park tool.) Thanks kinda surprised no one has commented at all up until now.

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