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Hey everyone

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Hi there, I'm naveisawesome, you can call me Nave, I've played RCT2 since I was 3 years old, and I have been youtubing it and RCT3 for over 2 years, you can check out my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC37Yj7YKBsZwFVGOXRTPR7g

I'm also a regular and well known member of RCTgo

So I just heard about this version of the game, and I tried it out, looked through all the features, and let me say it is absolutely fantastic, I especially love the hill/valley maker, automatic staff placing and quick firer, and the advanced options and cheats

I do have a question as a beginner in this version of the game however, I saw that it was possible to make your own title screen, I played around with it a bit but when I tried to play it, it wouldnt let me

Are there specific steps I can follow to make my park my title screen?



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Welcome to the forums, Nave! :)

To make your own title sequences your first step is obviously to click Create inside Edit Title Sequences.

After that, switch to the next tab where you'll find an Add button. Click it, and import any parks you'll be using for your title sequence. Once you've done so, you can now go to the last tab Script. Under here, your main button of use will be Insert. It essentially loads a park from the set of parks you imported earlier into your title sequence. After you've done that, there are some more commands that add specificity to your Title Sequence. Location is used to move the screen/view-port to a certain set of coordinates, Rotate will rotate the park around from the original orientation it was in by default when loaded up, and I don't think Zoom and Speed need explanations. Wait, however is an important one. It's the equivalent to 'doing nothing' in the Title Sequence. It can be used to stop the view-port at the current situation while the park plays around normally. You'll mostly use it when you need to switch over to a new park, but need to give some time to the current screen before moving on.

You can move around the order these scripts are followed in but if you make these scripts step by step as needed they will automatically stack in the correct order.

I hope this helps you!

If these instructions still don't let you make a Title Sequence due to another issue (as unlikely as it is) I suggest you make a topic of its own in the Problems, Bugs and Feedback section. 

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