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Superjustinbros' Sandbox/Workbench Packs

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This ZIP contains two simple workbench scenarios that I made, with what I consider to be the most optimal selection of rides and scenery. Each scenario offers the same selection; differing only in the paths they contain (one with 15 of my custom pathways, the other with all the Vanilla and Time Twister pathways (plus the black tarmac path I made which for some reason I cannot remove even though there's no instance of it in the landscape)


The following rides/attractions are not present from your usual lineup:

*Elevator - Has very little use in a workbench park IMO for various reasons, between guests using them as rides instead of actual means of getting around the park faster and how most people don't really use them to begin with from what I've seen.

*Dodgems - Place one near the end of the park or another usually vacant area: "I want to get off Dodgems 1"

*Boat Hire - If it's not a full enclosed track (which most people don't do): "Boat 1 on Boat Hire 1 hasn't returned to the station platform!"

*Cash Machine - No Money scenarios = Guests having no money = what's the point of having a stall to increase your funds if everything's free?

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