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RCT1 Feature: Custom-Combination Paths


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Hello all,Thank you for taking the time to read these suggestions and carefully implementing said features into these builds. It's a rush of excitement of playing this game again since my many sleepless nights as a kid.Straight to the point, I miss the feature that was in later RCT expansion packs, Loopy Landscapes/Corkscrew Follies, of the Path Window that enabled you to combine the different railings, path tile colors, path types, and supports. No doubt, this is what Sawyer had in mind when he enabled custom scenery to be implemented into RCT2. I just miss this default feature of choosing appropriate styles for different rides (e.g. using low railings with blue tile quene lines for gentle rides, thick railing with concrete paths for high ascending pathways off cliffs, etc.)Does anyone else miss this feature? It's not a necessity by any means, but I'm curious if anyone else does, and if so, could it be brought back?

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