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Set specific land that a player can build on!


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I was told to put this question out there and I believe it is certainly one of the most important features that could possibly be added to rct multiplayer and if there was anyway i could program it myself i would be so happy. If the admin had the powers to only give certain areas of land to certain plays to build on then the ease of cooperation of integrating new builders onto the map and preventing horrid griefing would make the game so amazing! Please someone do this you haveto believe me that this is the BEST thing anyone could do! servers could easily be unmonitored and easy to maintain a general theme or design that server my be aiming for in cooperation with everyone. Let's do it guys come on!~

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Oh, I just saw that you remade the post in the correct location. If I had seen that beforehand I would've replied to this post and not the othher one.

If I'm not mistaken, I think the forum moderators have the power to move threads from one topic to another, maybe one of the mods can do that for your thread?

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