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Game crash upon clicking on multiplayer

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For some reason, whenever I click on the multiplayer button, the game usually crashes after some time, and before I can join a server. Occasionally the game instantly crashes upon clicking the button, and what I mean is the game stops responding immediately. I can conclude that it may be a performance issue, because I can rarely manage to close the server list without a crash.

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This consistently happens to me a lot on any latest build that comes forth, so my best guess is that you have to sorta expect these things during this early stage of development. 

My usual way of preventing this is opening up a single player scenario/saved game and then close it, and open Multiplayer right after. Also, I think the game crashes more if you immediately click on Multiplayer as soon as the program starts, so try waiting more a few seconds before clicking on the multiplayer button. 

I hope this was of use to you :)

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