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Can't type in console.

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I have a park I'm pretty well into right now. Spent close to 20 hours on it already. I forgot a few scenery objects, and I used to just open the saved game in the scenario editor (which always worked, went to load landscape but backed up into saved games and did it that way.), but Open RCT2 won't show my save game files, so I can't do it that way (if someone could help me with that, that'd be great also). I tried to open the object selector in the console, but it won't register anything I type.

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I was trying to get the object selection window to open up inside a regular game since I forgot a few scenery objects. The console won't allow me to type commands into it.


I did get the objects, but I ended up managing to add them in on the regular RCT2 scenario editor before it crashed as it always does (my main reason for switching to open).

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Since you need to have debug tools enabled to get the console, you can simply select it from the debug tools dropdown, as a workaround.

I'm not sure why the console would refuse input, can you provide your version, OS and locale settings?

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Hmm I un-checked "enable debugging tools", and then rechecked it, and now it works.

Was very odd it didn't let me originally.

Thanks for the help! I really enjoy being able to play RCT2 again, was restricted to my old machine before I stumbled upon Open!

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On 26-3-2016 at 20:18, Broxzier said:

How did you manage to open the console without having debugging tools enabled?

I just tested it, and cannot open it with `. Additionally I can still type when opening the console, then disabling debugging tools.

The actual key depends on your keyboard. For example I have to use the ² key :P (Belgian AZERTY)

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