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IP Blocking software?

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I was wondering if there was any effective software that will aid in the much needed feature of IP blocking. I've asked about it on github, i've spent days looking at the code trying to figure out how to even get the incoming clients IP (with my beginner-level knowledge of c and never even messing with network programming, aside from creating a python bot for irc chats), and i've had no luck. all I can see in the code is bits of it retrieving the host servers information, and it's confusing and frustrating and I'm to the point of giving up on this, and I'm frustrated as hell about it because, as i was working on the script, i was testing the code in other peoples chat room (i had the debug console visible and was testing the saving and parsing of names etc, which would crash my game alot), and eventually i managed to get a system that could save names and auto sort them into groups when they log in (with one tag being AUTOKICK, which would kick them when set to), and while i was testing the code in rooms i was explaining that i was testing a script that stored names, so people already found a bypass before i even put it to an actual test : changing their name

I really enjoy multiplayer and enjoy hosting a server in which i've seen many names become very familiar, Sensual Etheopian, Improbabilities,  Katie :3, Yoloswegglord, Birthdaybrian,  and I could go on. Because I see these people join a lot and also stick around for a bit and build amazing stuff, I feel a moral responsibility to provide decent moderation. I've also always wanted to be a moderator of something to provide a really relaxed atmosphere, so I try to be the best I can. However the other day, I nearly went into an anxiety attack. I had someone repeatedly come in and vandalize the park, and I had to continuously kick the user, while also trying to answer a few questions of others and help show someone something else. i tried to set the default mode to spectator, but then while answering the questions and helping others out, the good users might get disconnected and come in and have to wait for me to set them back., so i'd have to work with that which is just as eventful as having to repeatedly kick an abusive user. 

I just can't do this anymore, it's happened many days. I hate that i can't, but with the health problems i have and the added fact of throwing up over the amount of anxiety and panic, it's not safe for me. I feel like i'm letting people down, I don't want to stop hosting servers because of this all.  I need some sort of program that could help block IP addresses. I don't care how easy it is to change an ip address or whatever the reason for not having this implemented already, I'd rather have something and have a chance that someone could change their ip and bypass it, than have nothing at all.

I apologize about the length of this message, this is all just very frustrating.

Also, if any of the developers are reading this and have enough knowledge to at least parse out the ip addresses in the code, i'd be more than happy to help build the functionality and interface if you could just build the part of code that grabs the IP variables and stores it in the appropriate NetorkConnection or NetworkPlayer class.

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@janisozaur apologies if i got lost in my rant, my original question was " I was wondering if there was any effective software that will aid in the much needed feature of IP blocking " and "IP blocking software?"

Also, how is it beyond scope? if you guys are able to retrieve the servers IP address (at one point it was even displayed as a tip over the server name, so i know theres code in there somewhere that detects it lol), how are you not able to detect the clients IP address?it seems to be done with winsock2, which i've looked around on google and it seems possible, but i'm just not sure how to do it myself, at least without just trying an external library and risk poorly implementing it (again, i barely know anything about c or c++, i come from c#.).

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I'm for the ability to disallow those without reg'd accounts to join. But i still feel that if they are allowed, they should be given the tag of (G) [Player Name]


We would retain the ability to change our names, with the ability to view a logged user's real name in the MP menu in-game. This could also filter out fakes; For instance:

imlegos: Hi guys!

(G) imlegos: that guy is obviously a fake, you should remove him

(G) imlegos disconnected (Kicked)


imlegos: Hello again everyone!

imlegos: What's the big idea, impersonating me?

(Admin goes into the multiplayer menu, opens both user's tabs, checks original name.)

imlegos disconnected (Kicked)


And yes, I know I should post this on Github, but I don't have the ability to setup an account that won't generally be used.

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