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  1. Never mind. I tried again today (having restarted the computer) and it has now stopped asking for the CD. I guess it was possibly something in memory that was causing it to continue asking for the CD.
  2. This didn't happen when I originally installed OpenRCT2, but I was playing around with adding the RCT1 title music (I have RCT1 and RCT2 intalled using GOG) and I forgot I had it installed at the moment using GOG, and as I had my CD on hand I went to use that. I added the RCT1 music using the CD, and now every time I start the game it complains that the CD isn't inserted. I have tried redirecting it to my GOG installed version, asking it to play the RCT2 music and even reinstalling OpenRCT2, but it still demands the CD every time I start the game now. (Although it does continue to play perfectly if I select "Continue") What can I do to make it forget the choices I made before that make it think it needs the CD? Is there some settings file I can remove? I have also tried deleting Documents/OpenRCT2 and manually deleting the last of the files from Program Files after uninstallation, but nothing has helped!
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