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  1. Ok, thank you guys. In that case I wait with patience until it is released in one of the main builds. I can't play the game at this moment so no rush hahahaha.
  2. Does that mean that it's implemented in the build 14de1cd build version, but not yet in the stable version ? How can I download and implement it from the website into my game ?
  3. Hey guys I'm back again...Found this on Facebook today: https://imgur.com/a/FXJzy#YAQTtRV I was wondering if this is already implanted in the game or if you guys are still working on that. It would be cool if this was implemented in the game. However I can't play RCT2 anymore, I must buy a new game, because I seem to have misplaced my disc somewhere. I know it's on Steam etc, but I prefer the real disc in my pc. Thanks a lot guys TTYL
  4. I agree with this idea, but the fact that WW/TT is completely ignored I do not...There are people out there who play with these extra sets and I'm one of them. Excluding people who own those extra discs for the game should not be ignored. I'm already working on an improved version of my Titanic-Scenario wich I want to upload here when it's done (I already uploaded a standard version of the scenario, in the store-section, but that one is really ugly when compared to the latest version. Nevertheless it took me almost one year to build that very first version). The new scenario (from my pictur
  5. In regular RCT2 I just get the error trapper. In openRCT2 (both the normal, launcher, stable and developmentversions) the game just stops working...
  6. Same as a few versions back...(I did followed the progress of the park) It doesn't matter wich version of RCT2 I use, when I open up the park I get an error trapper within seconds after I started So I can't play it...
  7. Ok, but before I begin...Are hacked rides permitted ? Because otherwise it's no use either...
  8. It's nice to know that at last somebody is able to open it...My work isn't in vein then after all By the way...Maybe I take a turn as well, I would like to build a Go-Kart
  9. It's one of the only parks that I picked up in the contentstore because I really like this park. It has so much potention and I'm going to create a nice park out of it on my own. However, I don't like the theming for the entrance...I mean I like it, it's done nicely, but it's not my style of theming. So that's one thing I'm going to change, and I will pack it up with CS to create my own amusement park... I don't know if you have set some kind of goal for it because I haven't looked in to that yet, but I will stick to it. Very nicely done, and one of the few maps that I like !
  10. Well, I think it's indeed better that way...Good luck with the new version of the site !
  11. We're talking about scenarios here, so I'm gonna ask a quick question in this topic...I'm not going to open a new topic, just for this question. How long does it take before a scenario that I have uploaded to the store gets available for download ?? It's been a week ago and still I don't see my scenario in the download-lists available...
  12. Some people can...However, I'm one of those people who have never understand hex-editing. Even if it is done for me, I don't understand...
  13. I did, and I still can't build trough other rides. When I try that, the new rides floats above the other one...
  14. Hi there Jens,I don't know what version you are using for this, but this is how my version looks like. I know you are Dutch so you understand what I mean. Left picture is opened via the launcher and is the latest development-build, right picture is the latest stable build via normal OpenRCT2...In the left picture I have an extra menu for the cheats, in the right picture I don't have that extra menu...View imageSo what am I supposed to do from here ?
  15. Nice tutorial Broxzier, but there's a much easyer way to do this, the only thing you must do is start up the game via normal RCT2, follow the steps on this website here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1182839Then open up the game in OpenRCT2 and voila, the entrance and exit is rotated.That's personal, since I never understand Hex-Editing...
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