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  1. sapman

    Cedar Point

    If anybody is interested in improving the park, e-mail me your user name and hash and I will add you as an admin to my server. To find your hash, go to your OpenRCT2 directory and look inside the keys folder. The hash number will be next to your user name in the .pubkey file. I originally left the server completely open for anybody to mess with and I already had too many trolls mess around with the park (go figure) lol. sapman@hotmail.com
  2. sapman

    Cedar Point

    Here is a Cedar Point recreation. Someone known as ThisKid55 made this park a few years ago. I tweaked it and updated it with new rides. The original can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di2alHSa5Yo I would love for someone else to try and improve upon it and possibly open up the water park. I am currently hosting it under "play with others". 390081789_CedarPoint.zip
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