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  1. Hey, this is my first RMC, and it was really fun to make, but I had to fiddle around a lot and it was quite a steep learning curve. Do you think it need more diagonal supports, and more suppors in general? I am happy with it but I am also very happy to learn new stuff and improve over time. Oh, OpenRCT2 Rocks!
  2. Thank you so much for this information. I usually don't play multiplayer, but i am in search of tips for improving my scenery-mechanics - and i came upon this thread, it is very good to understand and very helpful! I know more every day i want to learn something, peace!
  3. I started playing again just recently (With OpenRCT2) and i remembered, I just could not get a coaster to work properly when I was younger... Now, I have finally overcome this period of not having designed a proper coaster! Do you like it? My guest sure do! No cheats activated! Cheers! (I called it Chiller, because you get the chills just by looking at it!)
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