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  1. PlasmaGD

    Sauceda project

    I started this Project a couple of weeks ago, it's based of an abandoned waterpark in my city, i've done some really Good progress just for being a couple of games.
  2. I just realized guest don't spawn at all even with the 'large tram' cheat, they're supposed to come from the bridge shown on the image but they don't, any ideas of what can I do? I already put so much effort on this park
  3. I tried to save a ride with scenary but it says it has too many objects, then i deselected everything and literally selected one object and it says the same, how can I get rid of it?
  4. how did you do it? how did you get the trains and RMC track?
  5. PlasmaGD

    main menu park?

    I was wondering if the park that's in the background when launching the game is in game or I can download it somewhere? It looks pretty lit tbh
  6. Is there a way to get rid of the limit established on the scenery things? so it doesn't just show a few objects of that group
  7. thanks!, where is the best place to download custom content?
  8. i've seen a few posts here of people showcasing varios things like custom flat rides, paths, walls/roof, coaster, trains etc. and i'd like to know how can I get that content? I remember a lot of time back i had a few but I think they got downloaded from an online server, i'm not new to openRCT2 but i've never known how to get this stuff. I'd appreciate some info and clarifications. thx
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