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  1. Oh wow... duh! Thank you so much. I don’t remember it being like that on the original version of RCT2, where bumper boats and swan boats would be listed as different rides in the build manual. I’ve been playing the original for 15+ years and just downloaded Open RCT2 yesterday. Thanks again!
  2. I created my own park in scenario editor and have a total of 113 of 128 rides selected. I went to build bumper boats and saw they were unavailable in my wet rides menu, so I activated cheats and went to object selection to reselect them, as I assumed I just missed doing that earlier. But they are selected and they will not show up in my rides manual. I have 11 wet rides selected and only 6 are showing up when I’m trying to build. All rides/attractions are pre-invented. Am I just doing something wrong or is this a glitch? I’ve attached images to show my issue.😢
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