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  1. I like how it's module. That's pretty neat!
  2. Dude that's awesome! This is a impressive park and it must have taken many hours of work. Did you custom build all these water rides, transport rides, and coasters?
  3. Thanks. I'm starting Crazy Castle today so I have a ways to go, haha!
  4. Hello all! My name is prince10bee (real name is Christopher) and I'm brand new to OpenRCT2 but I've been a fan of Rollercoaster Tycoon since it's inception (that is until Atari ruined it). I'm currently playing the rerelease know as RCT Classic. I've never actually finished the game so that's my mission! I've known OpenRCT2 has existed but I didn't give it much thought until I started watching videos on YouTube. It's totally worth $10 (that is the $10 cost of purchasing RCT2 Bundle) and I'm most excited to play online. Moving on, I like to play other games (almost exclusively PC) including Bat
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