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  1. Usually, when I make parks, I try to jam-pack them as much as possible (usually with no scenery besides trees) and keep them on flat terrain. This is my first attempt at editing terrain and building a ride with scenery and a station!
  2. I removed all the guests, but the game started crashing sooner, at only about 350 guests. I tried to continue playing on it after I posted my problem, saving as often as possible, and unfortunately saved right before the game crashed. Now, whenever I open the file, the game runs for about 1 second before it crashes. It wouldn't even display an error message or anything, the game would just instantly close. I did realize I was running the game on a previous release and updated it after the 1 second crashes started happening. Now, rather than the game instantly closing on that save, it hangs. I did continue the park on the current release from an autosave before the original crashes started happening and it has been running fine (and I'm at about 3000 guests on that save now). My best guess is that the previous release had a problem with my computer, since the autosave is running fine. Attached are both saves. Thanks again for your help! Mystic Timbers.sv6 Not-Crashing Mystic Timbers.sv6
  3. Hi All, I've been really getting into RCT2 recently, and absolutely love OpenRCT2. Just yesterday, I started a custom park, and the game has run perfectly smoothly (fps wise) throughout the entire time I've played. However, as soon as there were over 2000 guests in the park, my game began to crash. There would never be a drop in fps, it would just very abruptly crash. I tried to ignore it and just save often, but by 2200 guests, the game would crash within 30 seconds of opening the file. I play the game with all the normal settings except uncapped fps (it usually hits around 80fps with a park as filled as mine is, but running with capped fps crashes too), and I wasn't playing with cheats on. I also have a few custom thrill rides by TheAmazingEarl (not sure if that could be a factor) Anyone know the problem or know of a possible fix? Right now all I'm doing is removing guests when they hit around 2000. Thank You!
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