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  1. The logo had "YouTube: Broadcast Yourself" A majority of the videos had 009 Sound System as the music (I.E. With A Spirit) The ratings were stars, not likes Video responses When 480p was the max video resolution Better site layout (Much better [My opinion]) NO Google+ No clickbait? (I hate it!) Animated/GIF pictures for profile pics Yellow subscribe button The video information located on the right of the video The mobile app's logo that was an old-style TV Channel comments 301+ views &fmt=18 for HQ and &fmt=22 at the end of the video URLs for HD Felt like writing this since I am listening to 009 Sound System at the moment. I miss the old YT! 2009 was the year I discovered it and now, it doesn't feel the same.
  2. Yup, with this going on, it's trickier to make money in the game. Also, your grammar doesn't suck.
  3. Good luck and stay safe to you and anyone else who could get affected as well.
  4. What doesn't make sense is I've always used, well, if not the exact the same prices, then, around those prices, whether it was 50 cents cheaper or expensive and it's never been a problem. However, when it comes to the shops, if I see peeps are complaining of the prices, I often round them to the nearest dollar (Ex. If the original is $1.20, then, I make it $1). This does work for me sometimes to where I get less complaints about the price, but, they still show up. It does confuse me sometimes.
  5. It's rather odd, I must admit. I ran into the same thing yesterday, but, mostly with roller coasters, which were $2.00. I also have seen this a few times with the food and beverage shops. I cannot remember which ones they were, but, some of the food was between $1.00-$1.50, with drinks being around the same price range. I don't know if it's a bug or anything, but, it seems I'm not the only one who's experienced this.
  6. Thank you! I love the RCT games and I'm sure it will be a fun time.
  7. Here is a blank workbench that I made and decided to share it. Included in the .zip file is the .SC6 file and a text file listing what attractions and scenery that are build-able. -- (Edit 09/09/2017) It seems I forgot to point out that there are no gentle rides (in the text document) and there are only the game-default .DAT files (no custom and expansion packs). I apologise for missing those details. Wish I could add more objects to it, but, it seems decent (just my opinion) Workbench v1.zip
  8. Nightshade


    Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? I'm pretty excited to be a part of the OpenRCT2 community! The Deluxe edition of RCT1 was my starting point in the RCT series and I've played up to RCT3 and I'm so happy to see the classic versions being brought back. Anyway, have a great day!
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