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  1. That somehow reminds me of that Tomb Raider II Level Floating Islands Looking neat
  2. I've been updating and polishing the park over the last month and want to share the new developments. Again, 4 big screens from all directions: Now, some details: I've added a Mayan theme to an existing twister coaster, which has been there since almost the beginning of the park but always without any real theming. I really enjoyed adapting to the given circumstances, as I didn't want to modify the existing coaster (except a slightly different color ). That new area also allowed to add a new coaster, and I decided to go with a rather moderate spiral coaster. Fits in perfectly I think. Screens: The next new coaster started from an idea to fill the existing free spaces, with the biggest one being a water section right next to the park entrance. Since I already added way to many new land/island areas, I really wanted that existing space to keep water dominated. A perfect opportunity to create something I wanted to do for a long time: A coaster situated completely underwater! Well, almost at least, since the relatievly low water level doesn't allow much Z movement, I ended up with a few sections where the coaster actually surfaces. Of course, a realistic underwater coaster doesn't actually get in contact with the water, but instead should allow some great underwater views through it's surrounding glass structures. The coaster is powered by 3 launches. Theming is complemented by some Sci-Fi elements; and I noticed you can give the underwater worlds in RCT a realistic touch by placing some fitting plants there. Screens: Another new creation which is clearly visible from the big screens is the 'skytower' I added as a theming for two twin dual launched reverse freefall coasters. These are interesting from a construction side of view: While mostly coming in the style of the classic reverse freefall-coaster, they are actually twister coasters being launched using a lift hill with highly increased speed. They get boosted up the tower and even higher than the surrounding structure. From there the two cars fall side by side about 160m to a lower level than they actually started from and rush back towards the station building. After a direction change and a block brake they reach the second launch, this time in a tunnel under water, and rush up the tower. On their way back they climb upwards in a central building, coming to a direction change while entering a quarter loop from where they head back to the station building. Using block brakes, each coaster can run with 3 cars. Screen: There have been some more additions (including new coasters) as you might see from the big screenshots. You are more than welcome to grab the save file and hop in and look around! Since some coaster can't handle breakdowns probably due to their setup (the dual launched twin coaster for example) I've renewed all attractions in the preview save file. However, if you plan to stick around for a while, make sure to globally disable breakdowns in the cheat menu. Check original post for file.
  3. Check 2nd post for July Update Screen. File in this post is updated. I started this park back in 2011 as a normal RCT2 campaign game but couldn't stop expanding it after the scenario goal was reached. I even did some Hex editing to get rid of the park borders; yeah, that was before the OpenRCT2 days Over the years I tended to launch up the game from time to time and add some stuff which was floating around in my head. When I discovered OpenRCT2 it was a new level of creativity, as suddenly things became possible I've not thought of yet. You can clearly see the history of the park with all attractions still standing (year 61 by now) and sure, it might look a bit unrealistic and thrown together in places, as I never had a bigger picture for it in mind. However, there are some real treasures there in my opinion, and some unique stuff you won't find somewhere else. Some big screens from all directions: . And some closeups: Jurassic themed section, with a long Inverted Coaster with a vertical lift hill and custom inversion. The white track in between is a water coaster with 2 stations. Underwater Gyrodrop and a shuttled steel twister coaster with track switch in the vertical part and "splashed" end brake. Niagara Falls replica at the lower part with splash boats dropping 30m inside the waterfalls. There's a mine train coaster inside the mountain aswell (crossing the waterfall). The upper part is my latest creation; a dual launched hybrid coaster. The first launch is quite moderate into the banked right turn followed by a short track with 2 inversions, a helix and small hills into a lift hill. From there into a vertical loop and all the way back, getting prepared for the second launch. This one ends in a section borrowed from the air launched coaster, climbing the vertical hill and then sending passengers for a real ride (65m drop) : I also ended up creating a full sized mountain, coming with a fitting bobsled coaster, a flying coaster and a huge observation tower. Latter one can be accessed via an elevator, exited via a Mini Suspended Coaster, and also accessed via an Launched Freefall: I'm really proud about that Launched Freefall Shuttle. In fact, it's actually dual launched! It took me ages to get it working correctly, and it will in fact only run correctly when it's fully loaded. Otherwise the second launch will fail, the vehcile will move slowly to the top and then launch from there into the orbit For better understanding check out the video: 2019.06.06-00.27.mp4 Now these are some of the highlights. If you want to see more, try out this save file: BotanyBreakersBySp0ngeb0b.sv6 BotanyBreakersBySp0ngeb0b_v2.sv6
  4. First of all, I would like to say 'Hello' to all you RCT maniacs out there - I was really amazed to find an open source development of this old treasure. I've enjoyed this game back when I was a child and still launch it up every now and then. Second of all, this is not really about new 'custom' content, but more about a thing I found when discovering all the new possibilities with openRCT2. However, I haven't seen this idea posted anywhere, that's why I want to share it with you. The whole idea is about replacing the default chairlift with something more exciting and representing up-to-date concept. Especially regarding the transport-Capacity - instead of having the 2 persons chairs, imagine a lift system with 16 peeps per gondola! Something similar to this picture: This is indeed possible in openRCT2; however, it requires quite a bit of work. First of, you want to have the actual gondola - fortunately, the Elevator Car is perfectly suited for this: With the correct cheat activated, you can change the chairlift cars to the elevator car. However, you'll notice that the car itself is almost the size of one whole square cube unit; this wont look good with the default chairlift track. Besides that, the car will not be able to turn at the chairlift stations and crash. Now, the idea is to use a different track than the chairlift for the actual gondola; using the Monorail turned out to give good results: By deactivating the clearance checks, and building an additional cablecar track two units above the monorai track results in the optical effect of the elevator car beeing connected to the two ropes. You'll probably know where this is going now; build the monorail track as a loop between two (or more) stations, cover it with the cable car track and then make the monorail track invisible: That's basically it. It will already look and function like you would expect a real gondola lift to do with free choice of number of gondolas and timing. You'll probably want to make it look more realisting though, by building own supports and probably some better stations. Even corners are possible: You can grab the example park from the last two screenshots here: gondolaLift.sv6 The most time consuming work is definitely making the monorail track invisible via the Tile Inspector; I haven't found a proper way yet to instantly hide ALL track parts by the click of a button. If you are aware of a method, please let me know! I hope this might be useful for some of you; have a great day! Sp0ngeb0b
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