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  1. That somehow reminds me of that Tomb Raider II Level Floating Islands Looking neat
  2. I've been updating and polishing the park over the last month and want to share the new developments. Again, 4 big screens from all directions: Now, some details: I've added a Mayan theme to an existing twister coaster, which has been there since almost the beginning of the park but always without any real theming. I really enjoyed adapting to the given circumstances, as I didn't want to modify the existing coaster (except a slightly different color ). That new area also allowed to add a new coaster, and I decided to go with a rather moderate spir
  3. Check 2nd post for July Update Screen. File in this post is updated. I started this park back in 2011 as a normal RCT2 campaign game but couldn't stop expanding it after the scenario goal was reached. I even did some Hex editing to get rid of the park borders; yeah, that was before the OpenRCT2 days Over the years I tended to launch up the game from time to time and add some stuff which was floating around in my head. When I discovered OpenRCT2 it was a new level of creativity, as suddenly things became possible I've not thought of yet. You can clearly see the history of the park with al
  4. First of all, I would like to say 'Hello' to all you RCT maniacs out there - I was really amazed to find an open source development of this old treasure. I've enjoyed this game back when I was a child and still launch it up every now and then. Second of all, this is not really about new 'custom' content, but more about a thing I found when discovering all the new possibilities with openRCT2. However, I haven't seen this idea posted anywhere, that's why I want to share it with you. The whole idea is about replacing the default chairlift with something more exciting and represe
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