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  1. OS: Windows 10 Version: Launcher 0.0.6, OpenRCT2 v0.1.2-developer build Commit/Build: 2691 (Git Hash: 85c8948) As I was checking why certain rides were not fixed I stumbled upon some mechanics that were assigned to attractions that had no path leading to them, so I decided to let those rides never be inspected and move the mechanics that had those attractions assigned in order to refresh their ride that they wanted to visit. Both mechanics searched for a new ride but ended up going to the ride that now had the never to inspect ticked. I am uncertain if it is reproducible in RCT2, I have never gotten the issue there, so it is very unlickely that this could happen. Steps to reproduce: 1. Play RCT1 scenario "Dragon's Cove" imported with the original RCT Deluxe edition 2. Hire mechanics 3. Set ride to never be inspected 4. Move mechanic to new location Screenshots / Video: Save game: Dragon's Cove.sv6
  2. Hello, Currently it is possible to add just two custom music tracks to the tracklist of rides (Also known as custom1 and custom2) the full specification of what is possible right now are over here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Custom-Music I would like the idea of adding more than two tracks, and besides that it would be cool to start the track whenever the ride starts, or atleast say which portion of the track you'd like to hear. Maybe there could also be some custom made speakers to add music anywhere in the park? So in short, overhaul for music tracks (new lay-out?) that a ride is able use.
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