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  1. Dartz's Freebuild is back! After a long absence from OpenRCT2 I have returned and I'm hosting my server once again. The new IP/port is and it should be up for a while this time. Once again no custom content except stuff from Time Twister/Wacky World which you can get from Steam/Discord/GOG if you don't have it already. Enjoy!
  2. I recently put my server back online after a few months of it being down. Dartz's Freebuild is a server dedicated to building whatever you want - coasters, generic attractions, etc! Build anything to your heart's desire. You do not need to ask for permissions - just start building. There are three servers online right now, each with a different theme. You can find us in the server browser or you can add it to your favorites: - Server #1 (Grass) This is completely vanilla RCT2, there is no custom content, although I am not opposed to adding custom attractions if a lot of people request one. All map sizes on the servers are 254x254. By default, players don't have terraform, scenery, or water permissions. If you need them, please ask me. The maps are cleared every 3 weeks. The map is backed up hourly. Rules: -Do not build any killer rides (rides that kill guests). -Do not spam paths. -Do not delete rides that aren't yours. -Do not grief; your permissions will be stripped and you will be banned from the server permanently. NOTICE: You need the Time Twister and Wacky World expansions to play the servers. You can obtain these two by purchasing the "Triple Thrill Pack" which is available on Steam and GOG if you don't have them.
  3. Apologies for the bump but the reason so many servers do not allow you to join without a password or without being approved is simply because of the amount of trolls in OpenRCT2 online. There are designated "trolling" groups which go onto servers just to ruin and destroy everything and in fact I think griefers almost outnumber legitimate players. Since my server keeps frequent backups of my park and I have a banning system in place this is mostly not an issue for me. But that is really the reason there are so many people who protect their servers - because they do not have time to monitor the server to make sure nobody messes it up. I am thinking of maybe creating a database of trolls for server admins to utilize so they can ban the well known griefers/trolls from their server which will in turn make people less afraid of hosting an unpassworded server.
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