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  1. Welp, another incredibly racist FFA open access server, Spulbland is now open! Nothing in the description, just racial slurs everywhere!
  2. Oh, and for other brakes that will never fail, try the water splash on a wooden rollercoaster or the holding braking for drop on the Vertical. The former isn't all that strong unfortunately, but a holding brake followed by a steep to level piece will always leave the train slow enough to avoid crashes!
  3. Personally I always keep my single car rollercoasters on "Wait for Full Load", as I suspect that these crashes are indeed caused by fuller, heavier trains catching up with the slower, empty ones. While I'd suspect these are more likely after safety cut offs (especially with multiple lift hills), don't forget that on long rides with slower sections, that one full train can easily end up going 50-100% faster over parts, more than enough to eventually catch up given enough time/short releases between trains. For coasters like the reverser though, there's always the possibility that you just got unlucky with 6 very heavy guests putting the train juuuust over the speed limit to crash, combined with some possible random variation in coaster speed (which I swear does happen occasionally, such as with brakes). You'd need to be pretty unlucky to get it, thus the delay, but if it's possible, it'll happen eventually. As a final aside, another personal way of avoiding such crashes (in addition to waiting for full load) is to make sure the trains travel straight from the station to the lift hill, with no space for another car to dispatch when there's no block sections (and no second lift hills). That way a train can't leave the station, get stuck on the lift hill, and have another train come up right behind it on the lift hill. Even if they don't directly collide and crash (like on a mid course lift hill), the trains collision often slows them right down after the lift hill (from them still "colliding"), or requires a load of bumping to get a stalled train onto the lift hill (with similar problems). That, and sometimes the game just calculates something funny that causes a crash. That's how I've had rides crashing when one's going through a loop and the other is on track going through that loop, a ride with no speed issue just... Slowing down, and the best one, a stand up coaster flying off the track. On a complete circuit. In the original RCT.
  4. I do certainly understand that with what the game has right now, it is rather difficult to ban individual users. And whether you would be able to put a tag on an individual's install for more permanent block attempts than just banning a server name/IP is, I would suspect, more complicated than just adding the functionality (Even if it could also be useful to inhibit troll attempts, I'm guessing you'd need a lawyer or two involved?). And as much as I wish I could volunteer to moderate open servers for such things, I definitely wouldn't be able to do it on more than a temporary basis... That and I suspect I wouldn't be deemed "neutral" enough. Thanks for looking into a server name/description blacklist though. Could it perhaps be worth including it as a more general feature than that? Like a general list of banned words for use on rides/stalls/in chat? Nothing overly restrictive (Unless you figured a child friendly mode would be useful, which I doubt, there's no real reason to drop general profanity), just most of the usual racist/anti-LGBT/Whatever slurs.
  5. I'll be blunt. The EU open servers have a racism problem. How bad? Try a server currently open with a swastika in the middle, whose description mocks the 6 million jews killed in the Holocaust How about the main FFA server(s) having a respected user with the user name "Dead N***** storage", who describes western liberalism as a cancer. And one of the main mods and person in charge of the bots in said servers thinks that spamming chat with the N word is a valid response to being told to stop tolerating racism. And considers criticism of said racism one of the few things worthy of actually preventing users from interacting with the server, not making mocking Holocaust and racism references. And then users just going to other servers and adding swastikas in the landscape, changing signs to racial slurs, and making rides/stalls with racial slurs in the name. I understand that these are all personal servers, but this is fucking disgusting, especially when they actually go into other servers to spread their racism. This is not a community we should be allowing. There needs to be a way for external moderation to prevent this, to make sure the impression of Open RCT2's community is not one of actual racism and fascism.
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