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  1. lmao i dont think openrct2 has a virus??????????????????????????
  2. alright! when do you want to play? i have school and i get home around 4
  3. LyricIsDead

    New Park

    woah you're really good at scenery ahhh i wish i was this good
  4. hey everyone! so uh, im pretty new to the forums but i kinda want to host a small server the park is 100x100, so its pretty small, but im pretty sure it'll be a nice looking park im not that great at scenery, but im pretty good at rides
  5. thank you! ill probably enjoy my stay
  6. hey! my name is lyric and im sorta new here? ive been playing openrct2 for a while but i decided to join the forums! i hope i get to know some of you!
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