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  1. So what do I do to get it where its up to date and update's itself on a daily basis?
  2. I don't know, I'm having same issue as well I don't know for that last question of yours
  3. So earlier today, I was able to fetch servers and use multiplayer But now, nothing turns up, and I get this message: WARNING[src/windows/server_list.c:794 (fetch_servers_callback)]: Master server failed to return servers Any fix?
  4. It's set to stable under branch subcategory under the launcher category
  5. Haven't yet, but I'll try EDIT Had 3 installations of launchers and deleted them all Reinstalled and to no avail
  6. Title is topic When I go to the downloads page, click the hyperlink to download the launcher, it takes me to this https://github.com/LRFLEW/OpenRCT2Launcher/releases/tag/v0.0.5 Now it says "v0.0.5", so then I download OpenRCT2Launcher-win.exe My problem is that opening the launcher opens with v0.0.4, so nothing can be played if I use the launcher, and I'm tired of manually updating the game
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