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Hello Folks, xD

there is no better game than RollerCoaster Tycoon, I always played it and I thought I would never not playing it.

But then I got a MacBook and since I know there is no Apple based RCT 2, am I right?

I also always dreamed of an even better version of RCT2,  a version where some source were open and now I found you! 

Hi, my name is Ramon and I'm 19 years old, living, studying and breathing in Berlin, Germany.

I'm absolutely stunned that there is something like OpenRCT2, a version where multiplaying is possible!! :D

I got myself a Windows emulator on my MacBook and loaded my RCT2 - then I downloaded the latest version OpenRCT2. 

I do not know how it works but I doesn't do on my computer, it says something like that I do not have the original version of RCT2.

People, I'd love to play OpenRCT2, how do I get the open source version work?? 


Thanks for reading,

cheers Ramon

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