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User is having problems port forwarding his server

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Hello, I was talking to SirPhilipp and he was having problems with port forwarding his server and port forwarding failed. He has a Fritz! Box 6490 and the router has a DS-lite tunnel. Is there anyway for him to fix this problem? I was talking to him on Steam and was trying to look for forums posts on Google on how to fix the port forwarding issue.

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On 2/16/2016 at 12:01, RuneLaenen said:

You can tell him to ask his ISP. Port-forwarding is different for every isp/router/modem so...

For example, I used to do it on the page of my router ( or something), but now I have to do it through the administration page of my ISP (mijn.telenet.be in my case)

His ISP is Kabel Deutschland (Vodafon) and that is located in the country of Germany.

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