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Longtime Scenario Recreator Appears!


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I'm known in various places as either Cyclone or CycloneGU (depending on whether some bumbling fool took my name or not, and whether the forum rules allowed me to ghost that bumbling idiot or not :D ), and I am the source of roughly a dozen or more scenario recreations at The RCT Vault back when RCT3 was the game of discussion (including a favourite-looking map of mine in RCT3, Trinity Islands).  I am currently at work taking landscape maps from RCT2 of the RCT1 scenarios and busily converting them to a text format so I can start to import them into RCTW (RCT World) when and if it ever finally releases, and assuming it contains a scenario editor.

My purpose for being here is less to play, and more to create.  I am hopeful we can come up with some tools to help make grabbing game data easier and making for accurate 100% conversions of scenarios.  I am not a programmer, so I can't create these tools myself, but I can definitely do the editing work in the new game once we have it to make a perfect scenario out of any map provided I have the tools to do it.  I'm not sure whether others involved with the project back then are still around or not (if so, HI!), but I also want to make a team out of this effort as trying to do some 90 or so scenarios would be an impossible feat for one person, but not for a team working together.  That said, I look forward to working with anyone who wants to help out with this effort using the new code to help pull data we can't otherwise pull from the original game.  The other reason behind wanting a team is so that I can bring some other original maps (Gameplay, PC World, Gamestop, and various competition maps) and RCT2 maps to the new game, as well; imagine having Victoria Falls (a Wacky Worlds scenario) in an RCTW look, for instance.

So for now, I'm just saying hi and wondering whether creating a team out of such an effort (grabbing all the data and screenshot maps we can) is something others here would be interested in! :)

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