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It has probably been requested multiple times, but I really want a android version of the game. It's already possible to launch open rct2 using Exagear, but my phone does not support exagear (because I have Intel atom processor. That's right, I cant play pc games on my phone because my phone has an Intel processor ¬¬. ) So a direct port to android would be really appreciated. (Btw, transport tycoon has an official AND openttd android port for years now ¬¬)


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It will be possible to compile to most platforms in the future. However right now, you need a windows (x86 to be more precise) 'executable' files. (not really, but that's the easy way to say it) The problem with those is that it doesn't run on all processors. As soon as everything is rewritten, it may be possible to compile to android. This will however mainly be for tablets I think since the gui is (at the moment) quite small for mobile phones.

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