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Day/Night-Cycle-Related Feature-Request(s)


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Hello! :)

Since there is already a day and night-cycle...
...how about

* Bronze Level: Changing/expanding the Timedisplay from just DAYS to Days/Hours. I don't know, how many "Ticks" now are in a "Day" now. If it's a number divisible by  3 like (0/8/16/0h and so on).

(since this would lead to a permanent day-night-day-night-overkill):

* Silver Level: Multiply the ticks per day with 24 vor 24 hours, maybe even 48, allowing 09:00 09:30 10:00, or even 96 for 08:15/08:30/08:45/09:00....

(Side-Effect: The game becomes *slightly* more realistic, leading to peeps waiting only "hours" instead of "days" for a ride, and sitting just a few minutes in a ride)

* Gold Level: Different peep-behaviour (with a lot of variety, I go on rollercoasters when everybody else is having lunch in a Theme Park) depending on the time of a day?


Keep up the great Work





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