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Windcrest Gardens


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Welcome to the build log for my first solo park since discovering OpenRCT2:  Windcrest Gardens.  I am going for a Busch Gardens feel and using all B&M coasters.

I am a bit rusty with scenery but I am starting to get back to the things I was once able to do.  I also have not gone back and added pathway accessories (benches/cans/lights) as I tend to do those last.  I plan to add 2 more coasters:  B&M Inverted and Flyer.  There will be many more flatrides. food plazas, etc.  I am also going to add a lake boardwalk in the empty area. 

Hope you guys enjoy the first few screenshots!  Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Main Entrance Area


CCI Wooden: Wind Forest RunSCR5.thumb.png.cec9be83c907bd064622e4ec6

B&M Floorless: Wildfire


B&M Hyper:  Skyliner


And finally an overhead.


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