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Crash on Custom Scenario Load

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No specifics showed up in the DOS console or the error message. This is the most current build at the time of the error occurring. Off-the-shelf scenarios loaded fine.Here's an image of the error:https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/53MgyyzYfsNTZ3-Oqd8wnYcm_LMbi3Kaqshfg8SkOYw?v=grid&ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copyAnd here's a link to the file:https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/vOhUYxkh0rRGFaIS-PafOyQI8HpJYs7yaKFQATNNwAE?ref_=cd_share_link_copy

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