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Launcher won't recognize my game...

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When I played RCT2 it was on a disk on my old computer. Now I use a laptop, but it doesn't have a place to put my disc in. So Steam has a sale and I got my game for a cheap price. I download the game and I boot it up. I go to my launcher and before it comes up a window says "Have you installed and ran RCT2 at least once? If not, then please do so and try again." I press ok and the launcher appears, but the button to play the game is un-clickable. I click update and play rct2 from steam and try again multiple times yet it still won't work... :( Did I do something wrong or do I need a disk and I wasted money... Maybe not wasted, but having the thought of not having cool stuff from OpenRCT2. ;-; Thx for reading and have a great day. :D

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