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Existing ride improvements

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Here's some of my ideas to improve existing rides.

I'll start from my favorite ride: Go-Karts. Here are my ideas:

2 tiles wide track pieces, including the station platform. Basically a 4 lane go-kart track. A transition between the 4 lane track part and the default 2 lane one.

2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 curves, and diagonal track pieces as well. Helix curves and S bends. 4 tile wide, 1 height bend track pieces. Basically a very gentle slope. 1 tile wide, 2 height bend track pieces. Basically a perfectly diagonal slope. Steep slopes.

Sides of the track with turbos. As the guest rides on one of those, his speed doubles. Brake lanes. As the guest rides one, his speed halves.

As for the Water Slide, here's what I would like to see:

4x4 curves and diagonal track pieces. Helix curves. Very gentle slope. Perfectly diagonal slopes.

Water pool track pieces. Jumping fountains. Waterfall circles.

I also had some ideas for the freefall and roto drop:

Additional rows of seats in front of existing seats, up to 3 rows away from the center. Double and triple decks, accessible from a ladder.

A water pool to put at the station platform so the guests get squirted on impact.

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