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Random Rankings

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Some random rankings:

My top 5 manufactures: 

1. Intamin

2. Gerstlauer 

3. RMC

4. B&M

5. S&S


My favourite track types:

1. Next gen. Intamin track (for example on batman gothem city escape)

2. RMC Hybrid Track

3. Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster/Hypercoaster Track

4. Next Gen. Vekoma Track (like on Abyssus)

5. Mack Rides Track (like on voltron)


Top 5 parks in germany:

1. Phantasialand 

2. Hansa Park

3. Europa Park

4. Tripsdrill

5. Heide Park 


Feel free to discuss with me and post your own random rankings!

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