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Hey everyone, maybe you you my BE Holland Resort Project. If not, definly check it out! I now wanted to build a secound theme park for the resort for the next update, but I don't have any good ideas at the time, because the plot (I removed all trees) is so narrow. I want to build a theme park, which has great themed lands. 
Do you have any ideas or hole concepts for the plot? I would love it to see your ideas in the comments, please help me!

This is the plot I want to build on:



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I see a mountain covered in snow. it's covered in lot's of pine trees. It has one 8 excitement wooden coaster that hugs it with exceptional perception and smoothness. The local authorities forbid the removal of trees on the mountain due to Landscape Change. The coster enters caverns like a Snowpiercer train. The mountain features sky lift, crystal lake in what used to be ancient now extinct volcano. the area now hosts few food stoles and a souvenir shop. Thats not all, the mountain has a single seat lay-down coaster weaving around; a kid's gentle ride called "frozen throne"; floating tube ride in what looks like a cave with ice and partially frozen water. There's an advanced coaster with booster options be it of a twister coaster. The caster has no a lift but circumvents the entire mountain using boosters and brakes. It themed as "cave of frozen dreams" after folklore about extinguished volcano serving once as a heat source for what looked like otherworldly world now lost in the frozen time capsule.

Planting a trees is sacred! The mountain is a craft. The booster coaster supports are mostly all of custom beams. Both coaster have at least 8 excitement rating and are guest worthy with no excessive forces.

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Thank you very much! I like your idea, and I always appreciate it, when people spend their time writing so detailed concepts such as this one here. 

But I am actually already building on the park, because I found a nice concept for myself. But maybe I will come back to your idea later, when I want to build another brand new park!

You can take a look on my half completed park:

BE Holland.park

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