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BE Elitsch Gardens Resort DOWNLOAD (14 Coasters)


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This is an a little bit older Rct creation I made. The theme of this park is mostly about contries I wanted to simulate. Don't expect to imersive theming, it's more like Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


Bolt Coaster (Intamin vertical LSM coaster), Flight Deck (Intamin Strata Coaster), Nessie (RMC Hyper Hybrid), Barcos del mar (B&M Family Wing Coaster), Dr. Diabolikas Cliffhanger (B&M Mega Coaster), Rivera de Fiesta (Intamin Triple Launch Coaster), Nagator (Skyline Spaghetti Bowl Coaster), Luna (B&M Dive Coaster), Ice Phoenix (B&M Flying Coaster), Gouderix (B&M Inverted Coaster), Dymite back (Vekoma Family Boomerang), Sacrira (RCCA Wodden Coaster), Dragon Khan (Arrow Corkshrew), Chetah Hunt (Family Launch Coaster), 

Water Rides:

Copper Rafts (Boat hire), Dino Splash (Splash Boats), Nil Rapids (River Rapids)


Forest Pavillion (Grand Hotel), Elitsch Camp (Camp ground), Western Village (Adventure Camp Ground)







BE Elisch Gardens.park

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