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BE Holland Resort (Megapark) first announcement


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Today I will present you a project which is near completed and will be uploaded here soon:

BE Holland Resort is a resort styled megapark build on the map of the Six Flags Holland Scenario. The resort features three hyper coasters and one strata coaster. It's really build to be the coaster capital of the World. Also the park will feature nice themed areas and details.

To make this park a resort, the park will also include a full sized, completly functional waterpark as well as three hotels.

So be prepared for this megapark!

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Okay, to maintain tension I will leak some more information in this post.

So here you have a small list of a few coasters coming to the park! Not all coasters are included.

1) Iron Bandit (RMC Hyper Hybrid)

2) Intendiminator (Intamin Strata with Lifthill)

3) Behemoth (B&M Hyper Coaster)

4) Predetor (B&M Hyper Dive Coaster)

5) Dragon School (Dueling inverting GCI Coasters

6) Iron Menace (Intamin LSM launch coaster with 5 launch sections)

7) Flight of fear (Intamin multi dimension coaster with drop track and spike) 

And many more...

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