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BE Epic Universe (Massive new theme park resort) Updates

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Hello, i'm building a theme park resort in open rct2 at the time, it's really Universal inspired.

But first some word to me: I have got Rct2 as a young child when I got my first little PC, and from then I liked it to build realistic sandbox parks. Because i don't knew back then how to create a sandbox map I only played in the Extreme Heights scenario. One year ago I downloaded Open Rct2 and since then I became better at the game. Now I pretty much stayed by building sandbox parks, often i'm using some custom rides and objects. But now back to my project:

At the time I'm building a resort, with some theme parks. Motiongate is the main park of the resort and is meant to be a mix between Phantasialand in Germany, and Universal Islands of Adventure. In this park there are some areas: An Indiana Jones themed Land with dschungle theming, a Nintendo Land, a land named "Rookport" (inspired by rookburgh in Phantasialand), a Tron themed Land (inspired by Tron at Magic Kingdom), a western themed land (with hotels), a Harry Potter Land and the Mainstreet is called "golden City". This parks center piece is a big three I made, I think it turned out pretty nice. Surrounded is this park by a big intamin mega coaster, it features over 20 secounds of airtime. 

The secound park, which is already finished, is called "Epic Empires". It's a park themed to two empires, Epica is the good Empire and Hydra is the bad and dark one. All the attractions in this kingdoms resamble some parts of the kingdom, a dive coaster for example is themed to the gold mines of Epica. 

At the time far from finished is the park called: "Wild Water World". It's the water park of the resort, in the back of the park there is a big water coaster. 

Also planned, but unfinished, is a future themed park, i don't have a good name for it. The park is still pretty empty, has anyone a good idea for a fitting ride or attration?

In the middle of all these parks I'm planning to build a citywalk shopping area, with some hotels and holiday flats.

Attraction List, Coasters: 

Motiongate: Bowsers Castle (Mack Rides Wild Mouse), Indiana Jones: Cobras Course (B&M inverted Coaster), Indiana Jones: Temple de Paril (Intamin Inversion Coaster), F.L.Y (B&M launched Flying Coaster), TRON - Lightsycle Run (Intamin Motorbike Coaster), TRON Power Run (Skyline Attractions Powered single Rail Coaster), The Grizzly (GCI Zambezi Zinger styled wooden Twister), Motiongate Hyper Coaster (Intamin Wing Mega Coaster) /Harry Potter Coasters are not build yet/

Epic Empires: Tower of Terror (B&M Dive Coaster), Dragon Challange (RMC I Box Coaster), Storchenflügchen (B&M Family Invert), Little Farmers Crazy Cows (Gravity Group mini woodie), Hydra: The Rescue of Epica (Intamin LSM multi launch coaster), Hydra: Mine rip ride (Vekoma multi dimensional coaster), Purple Snake Wizzards Course (Vekoma Family Boomerang)

Future Park (not Final Collection):Hyperspace Mountain (Intamin LSM indoor coaster)

Wild Water World: Speed Water (Intamin Hyper Water Coaster)







At the time I am building the harry potter area. If you now want to see this park in action, you can download the park! An issue the park has is the path finding. Beacuse of this, there are for now no guests in the park. Please let me now what you think about this project, any kind of feedback or commentary is helpful for me!

Thanks also to those who created the custom objects I used for this park.


BE Epic Universe Resort.park

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Posted (edited)

So, here is the secound upadte on the Park! Today I returned to the harry potter area and I build the following things:

1. Behind the Hogwarts Castle I addited a big building for an indoor intamin multidimensional coaster. I think the coaster turned out pretty nice, it features a drop track and an spike with an high speed switsch track. 
2. I wanted to add an outdoor coaster next, so I thought an intamin wing rider like furious barko would be a great fit. It features a very intense launch and some turns with a turnaround and an inline twist. I themed it to the forbidden forest, it's hagrid's inspired. 

3. After that I builded diagon alley with all these nice custom buildings from my custom scenery workbench. I decided to also add the hogwarts express, later it will transport the guests to the harry potter hotel. Also I thought that this area would be a great fit for an harry potter custom flat ride I downloaded. 

Let me now what you think about it!







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  • BEplayer changed the title to BE Epic Universe (Massive new theme park resort) Update #2

Time for another update on the park, this time in short!

Finished the harry potter section:

- addited the hogwarts hotel

- improved the scenery (details)

- New Quidditch themed mack rides powered coaster 

- seperate entrance for the harry area

- butterbeer hangover flatride improvments

- New dark ride called "Voldemords Storybook" 


New Park of the resort entrance (I decided too cancel the future park and build a ferrari themed park instead)

- Addited Hotel to surround the entrance

- Pool for the hotel, with waterslide

- Restaurant for the hotel

- Path building for the new park


Let me know what you think about these additions to the park!






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  • BEplayer changed the title to BE Epic Universe (Massive new theme park resort) Update #3

Another Update today, with the addition of one new park to the resort! (I just can't stop building)

- New Wildlife Gardens called Park

- this Park is all about animals

- but also two rollercoasters planned

- Expedition Everst Mine Train Coaster addited, with one "Shot Track", that instead of shoting you down like on a drop track, this track shots you up. Also it has two Spikes and two switsch tracks.

- Go's trough big mountain I made

- Features some parts before and after climbing the mountain

- Tiger enclosure addited (not finished yet)

- Some pathing for the park and water as well as landscaping

- Entrance Building

Also I addited a infinity coaster for the ferrari world park, but this is something for another update!







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  • BEplayer changed the title to BE Epic Universe (Massive new theme park resort) Update #5

Okay, I am proud to present you a new update today! I am also working on another project at the time, you will see it very soon. Also thanks for 66 Downloads! 

So, the last week I mainly worked on Wildlife Gardens. I build the back of the park, and thought it would be nice to make an bamboo forest themed section. As for the animal enclosures I decided pandas and elepahnts would be nice fits. Also I just couldn't stop adding coasters to the resort, so I addited a nice beyound vertical drop infinity coaster by gerstlauer. I used custom trains for this. In my opinion it turned out quite nicely, so I had anough motivation to add yet another coaster to the area. Beacuse the Wildlife Gardens Park had a thrill coaster now in Apollos Chariot (the infinity coaster) and it also had a big family coaster with expedition everest I now wanted to add a kiddie coaster. So I went with an E&F Miller kiddie coaster. Now take a look on the sreenshots! In the last screenshot you can see the start of a new area, but more information about this you will get in the next update!





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9 hours ago, dantopps04 said:

Looks really detailed, I never knew you could build waterslides in RCT2, is it something you unlock through playing or through mods?

It's acutually possible to build waterslides in open rct2. You can simply use the dinghy slide track, which is included in vanilla rct2. One problem you then have, is that the track needs to be full circuit to open the ride. And for this you have to use cheats. 

First you have to unable the ride type changes in the cheats menu. After this is done, klick on your dinghy slide and you will notice that you now can changes the ride type. Change the ride to a vertical drop coaster. Then unable the chainlift on all Track Pieces Cheat, which allows you to select chainlifts on all track elements. To finish your slide just connect the end of the slide to the other end of the track. Make shure, that you use chainlifts on all track pieces. When this is done change the slide back to the dinghy slide. Now some parts of the conect track should be invisable. To hide the whole conection track go to the tile imspector, select the tile the track piece you want to hide sits on and click on the eye to hide it. 

Maybe I explained that kind of weird, maybe watch this video to see how it works: 

In the Video deurklink made the connection track without the vertical drop coaster, I just prefer the this way because the vertical drop coaster can do very tide track pieces.

You also can use custom vehicles to get body slides for example, but that's another story. 

Funnily enough I am working on a big waterpark at the time, tomorrow I can share some images here. 


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19 hours ago, dantopps04 said:

image.thumb.png.5656955be5c6d254c102430118771cd4.pngThis is my park, very basic, I need to do more practice and I have no idea how to stack walls on top of each other for the station buildings lol.

Just watch this video, it be will helpful.


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  • BEplayer changed the title to BE Epic Universe (Massive new theme park resort) Updates

Brand new Update today: This time I mostly addited scenery and one little flat ride to the wildlife gardens park.

Along the first part of Expedition Everest I build a forest area, to have a nice start for the coaster. I also wanted to hide the jump track element of the coaster in a building, so I did exatly this. I thought it would be nice to have a plaza in front of the building, so I did this a well. To finish the area off, I spend my time mainly doing vegetation and ground work. At the edge of the new plaza I also placed a twist ride, because we don't had one of these in the resort before. And, because Wildlife Gardens is an animal park, I had to build a new enclosure too. For this section I went with some gorillas, I just thought it's the best fit. I know it's maybe wrong that Gorillas live in the mountains, but so it is ;).






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Today only a short and sweet update:

- In order to complete the theming of expedition everest I build the station building today

- Also I build another bridge the coaster crosses over.

- I decided to build a huge custom ferris wheel in the animal kingdom park, so i did exatly this.

- Because I was really unhappy with the waterpark, I removed the hole park to rebuild it in another style. 




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Your project sounds incredibly exciting and nostalgic. It's amazing how games like RCT2 can spark creativity and grow with us over the years. It reminds me of when I first got into simulation games as a kid. I used to spend hours meticulously crafting virtual worlds, just like you're doing now. As for the future park, "Your project sounds incredibly exciting and nostalgic. It's amazing how games like RCT2 can spark creativity and grow with us over the years. It reminds me of when I first got into simulation games as a kid. I used to spend hours meticulously crafting virtual worlds, just like you're doing now. As for the future park, how about something like "Cosmic Odyssey"?
Your water park plans sound refreshing, especially with the addition of a water coaster. It's reminiscent of the excitement I felt on a trip to a best theme park in the us. The rush of adrenaline as I soared down water slides is a memory I'll always cherish."ow about something like "Cosmic Odyssey"?

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That's exatly what I like so much about rct2/open rct2. You can create just everything. Not just roller coaster or flat rides. You can create immersive lands, landscapes, waterparks and just so much more. 

About your idea for the future park:

I actually changed my mind about this part of the resort. It now will be an ferrari themed park that focused on rollercoasters, but thanks for your idea.

This is how the park looks at the time.


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  • 3 weeks later...

I decided that I will take a little break with this project. I am now building since a half year, and for me it‘s time to get a little break. I will then return to this project, after I have enough motivation again

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On 06/03/2024 at 15:07, BEplayer said:

I decided that I will take a little break with this project. I am now building since a half year, and for me it‘s time to get a little break. I will then return to this project, after I have enough motivation again

Because of this, here a download for the latest progress: 


BE Epic Universe Resort.park

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