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BE della Mexico (Realistic Park) DOWNLOAD


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Another creation I want to share! This realistic Theme park was build near Mexico City. 

Coasters: Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster (Vekoma SLC), Speedi Bikes (Intamin Motorbike Coaster), Power Run (B&M Giga Coaster), Goliath (Gravity Group Wooden Coaster with inversion), Falcon (Intamin LSM Shuttle Coaster), Yulbe Striker (B&M Hyper Dive Coaster), China Star (Intamin Family Coaster), Apocolypse (Intamin Impuls Coaster), Coast to Coast Coaster (Skyline family powered coaster; imagination coaster modell)

Water Rides: Mexico Wave Breaker (Splash Boats)

Main Thrill Rides: Sky Shooter (S&S Drop Tower), Iron Claw (Funtime Sky Shot), Riddlers Rvange (Zamperla Disco Coaster)

Themed Lands: Thrill Plaza (Entree Plaza), DC Universe, Mediterania (themed to Spain, Italy usw.), Boardwalk, Post Apocolypse, China Town




Thanks for downloading! It would be nice to get some feedback for future projects!

BE della Mexico.park

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