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Crazy Castle - Complete Park


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This scenario is one of my favorites in the game because I love the medieval theme. Beautiful to work around and blends splendid with the entrance type of the game. For those unfamiliar with my run, I've commited to the following rules:

- No exploits in game mechanics;

- No duplicates of rides as it is not realistic (only stalls are allowed);

- Priority number one of the park is being visually pleasing;

- Maintain the original landscape and scenery (only small changes are allowed);

- Size and theme of the park will be determined by the description of the scenario.

I applied the rules to Crazy Castles by committing to the medieval theme and preserving all the castle borders and mountain terrain. Right before the castle entrance guests are welcomed by a 2-3 minute ride around the whole map which you can see all the castle walls and its surroundings. All the other rides are inside the castle walls with only one other exception: the hauted house (which I felt the need to be in the outskirts to create a darker ambience). There is also a launch freefall close to one of the edges, I built there due to the elevated terrain and it felt most suitable for a tower ride.

Additionally I added a lake to the scenario because I just love the look of boat hires. I took advantage of the new lake and built a pirate ship and spiral slide on the shores alongside a charmous small wooden pier. In my opinion, this scenario didn't need a big coaster so I've just built a little junior coaster called The Royal Gardens (as it is the ladybug train type) and a wooden steel mice.


*I share because I want to get better at building visually appealing parks and inspire others. Criticism, reviews and ratings are welcome.

Crazy Castle 2023-12-21 16-58-27.png

Crazy Castle 2023-12-21 16-58-31.png

Crazy Castle 2023-12-21 16-58-36.png

Crazy Castle 2023-12-21 16-58-39.png

Crazy Castle.park

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Really nice creation, I like your "rules"! The map kind od reminds me on my old times in rct2, I had a simular style to play the scenarios! Especially I like the wooden wild mouse coaster, it has a really simple but good looking layout! I wish a thrill coaster would be in this park, a wooden coaster around the castle would be very cool. I actually created a crazy castle map one year ago, but in sandbox. I will upload it here, maybe you are interested😉.

BE Crazy Castle .park

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