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Factory Capers - Complete Park


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It's time to show you my second run on my current journey on the RCT2 scenarios. After a big weekend off I have beaten Factory Capers and for those unfamiliar with the previous post, I've commited to the following rules:

- No exploits in game mechanics;

- No duplicates of rides as it is not realistic (only stalls are allowed);

- Priority number one of the park is being visually pleasing;

- Maintain the original landscape and scenery (only small changes are allowed);

- Size and theme of the park will be determined by the description of the scenario.

I applied the rules at Factory Capers by building around the existent industrial-type buildings and adding some of my own, of course I decorated with some flowers here and there to still give the energy of a real theme park. At the entrance I decided to go with a more traditional carnival style with the ever iconic combo of circus/merry-go-round surrounded by flower beds but also a giant rocket right in the entrance for space theme purposes. Throughout the park I varied between space and industrial style most of the time. I felt that this scenario doesn't ask for a big coaster design, so I've built 3 small-to-medium sized coaster. Starting on the left of the park we come across a small alienish-colored steel mice followed by the big succesful The Launch (Spiral Coaster) climbing around the already-built silo. If you start your journey on the left, however, you'll face the radical Compacter (Inverted Coaster) that includes a loop, an inward twist and a corkscrew.

In between the two right and left paths I added extra pieces to the white block building and created a room for a crooked house and a little hall for the entrance of the monster truck ride. Additionally, I've designed a go-karts track to go around the set of "furnaces" right in the middle of the park.

On the back half of the park I took the starting one-story facility and transformed into a food court with a ferris wheel on top which in my opinion is the pinnacle of the whole area. Further more I've built a rocky elevated area for rapid boats, an artificial lake for a boat hire, a launched freefall inside the tower and an extension to the tower to fit a tunnel of horror.


*I share because I want to get better at building visually appealing parks and inspire others. Criticism, reviews and ratings are welcome.

Factory Capers 2023-12-19 17-55-38.png

Factory Capers 2023-12-19 17-55-43.png

Factory Capers 2023-12-19 17-55-48.png

Factory Capers 2023-12-19 17-55-52.png

Factory Capers.park

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