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Electric Fields - Complete Park


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After so many years playing sandbox scenarios with giant flat parks I have decided to take the challenge of beaten the original RCT2 scenarios, however I've commited to the following rules:

- No exploits in game mechanics;

- No duplicates of rides as it is not realistic (only stalls are allowed);

- Priority number one of the park is being visually pleasing;

- Maintain the original landscape and scenery (only small changes are allowed);

- Size and theme of the park will be determined by the description of the scenario.

I applied the rules at Electric Fields by not using all the land of the park available the Park handles aprox. 1000 guests. I turned the "hangar/barn thing" into a food court, I changed the roof of the smaller brick building and made a gateway to the Villa Romana (Car Ride) and the big brick house I've also turned into a gateway to the Amish Affliction (Wooden coaster) and I extended the house a bit to put a launched freefall coming out of the house for extra drama. And most important left all crops field intact as it is the core of the theme for the scenario.

Beyond the mentioned above car ride and wooden coaster I only custom-named the spiral slide into The Lighthouse. Other rides kept their original names with the exclusion of "1".


*I share because I want to get better at building visually appealing parks and inspire others. Criticism, reviews and ratings are welcome.

Electric Fields 2023-12-13 23-18-47.png

Electric Fields 2023-12-13 23-21-56.png

Electric Fields 2023-12-13 23-21-59.png

Electric Fields 2023-12-13 23-22-07.png

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