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Disclaimer: calling the following "pro-tips" would be malpractice.

First - I did not know how much ducks struggle to fly through a field of water spouts. Now I do. They struggle mightily.

Second - I downloaded and did a quick rework of your boomerang mine train. This train/track type does not have banked slopes, which is why your intensity, nausea, and and Lateral G forces are so high. Putting a banked turn at the top of the hill reduced the lateral G forces from 3.95 (and in the red) to 0.88. The other stats reduced as well, making a better fit as a kiddie coaster (as mine trains tend to be). The family boomerang models that I've seen tend to have small hills for air time, but I really like the swooped hill you built into the camera with the 180 curve into the return hill.

My design used a simpler "U" shape and the stats are far batter than your "S" layout - but visually, I like your layout much more.

You can improve this ride type by taking the curves out of your hills and putting banked turns at the plateaus. The length of the train should make it easy to complete the ride circuit, but you may have some small adjustments to make sure the train doesn't valley. I'd suggest the "U" layout for this and this will increase your footprint.

However, if you are not married to the mine train for this layout, I'd change the ride type to a wooden coaster and use the banked slopes which will layout a lot like your original vision. It's a simple layout, but it is a cool one. This would be the option I'd choose.

Note: 4.6 was released yesterday and there are more banked slope pieces throughout, but apparently not for the mine train.

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I made a wooden coaster version of your mine train. It is slightly larger/longer d/t the transition between flat and banked pieces, but it is otherwise the same layout with the same heights and the camera at the top of the first hill (consider placing these at more exciting points in the ride - though I do not think this really affects the photo shop rate or stats). The train length is reduced from 9 cars to 7 for the train type.

Objectively, this improves the stats across the board (Excitement increases from 5.21 to 5.8; Intensity decreases from 9.61 to 7.74 and nausea is reduced from 5.94 to 4.12). I get nauseous just thinking about nausea so I am a stickler for low-medium ratings.

Subjectively, I don't feel like it captures the charm of your original design.

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No worries. I did not save the ride when I made it, so I redid it per your request and took some screen shots. I show the stats side-by-side so you can see that the layout and ride time is essentially the same. I added no theme or path work, no station, no fence, nothing. Just the track for reference.

That said, I'd love to lift and theme this one. It's a simple layout with low throughput - but I think it could be a standout in a kiddie park.


One note: I set my chainlift to 10 mph. This could be the reason for the speed discrepancy.

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