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Park Not Loading Due To "Missing" Object

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Hello, I recently had to migrate my park between computers, and moved all custom files with it. However, when I try to load the park on the new computer, it will not load due to a "missing or corrupt object file". The file in question is RMCT2, which I specifically keep a backup of, due to issues with corruption in the past. I loaded this file into the custom content folder (in two different places), and it still says the file is invalid. I have attached photos of the error and the files. Thank you for your help.




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I am not sure I can help, but I dug around my object files and have ideas. I am working on PC, so if this doesn't relate, I apologize.

1. The sub-file "Official/Ride" should not be in the OpenRCT2 file in your Documents folder. This is typically installed as C:/Program Files/OpenRCT2/Data/Object/Official/Ride. I don't know that this will fix anything, but unless the install is custom, then the game likely won't be able to locate the "Official/Ride" folder in its current location. I could be wrong, but I think this makes this folder unused.

2. There are two Hybrid trains that say official when selecting them in-game. This is the same with the Single Rail. The "Real Official" ride objects are in the "Official/Ride" folder in my game and is listed in the folder list you've provided. The file names are:

  • openrct2.ride.hybrid_coaster
  • openrct2.ride.single_rail_coaster

If I'm not mistaken, these are the two with complete sprite sets for the newer track pieces.

3. In my custom objects folder (The one in my "Documents" folder) I have "official.rmct2" as you do. But I also have "openrct2.ride.rmct2" (as well as rmct1 in the same convention). Just a guess, but is it possible that the game is looking for the second one and not the one that you currently have installed?

I am attaching "openrct2.ride.rmct2" in case you lost it in your migration. If this does not help, there may be some nesting issues with your folders.



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